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Every parent does their best to protect their child, however every year over 800,000 children are reported missing *.

American Income Life has been providing supplemental benefits for association members and their families since 1924.
As part of AIL’s commitment to protecting the community the company is offering life-saving Child Safe Kits at no cost to the public.

AIL’s Child Safe Kits are an invaluable resource in a time of crisis when every second counts. Our Child Safe Kits are
endorsed and supported by the nation's leading law enforcement union and provide parents with the means to be able to respond quickly and effectively in the event a child goes missing.

We are providing these kits AT NO COST! No cost to the parents/guardians or the school or child care centre.
You can order your own Child Safe Kits today by filling out the form shown above.

  • Available at No Cost
  • Tools for Parents
  • Assists Authorities
  • Contains Life-Saving Information
  • Endorsed by the International Union of Police Associations

Questions or Comments? Email us: Josh@ailcanada.com

*U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, NISMART 2 study, October 2002.

Order a No Cost Child Safe Kit

The kit allows families to record and keep fingerprints, vital information and a photo of each child, so if the child is ever lost or abducted this vital data can quickly be relayed to authorities.

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